What You Get

Dedicated Account Representative

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Business Store

Represent your law firm professionally with custom stationery, pens, envelops, folders, and office supplies that reflect your professional brand image. LPB is your 1-stop shop for customized products. We carry products that create instant brand recognition. Incorporate your logo, colors, designs, and motto into functional, useful items that draw attention to your brand image. Available with Standard, Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Directory Listings

Position your law firm to pop up in online searches. Today’s clients do online for research before they select a law firm for the legal services they desire. Capture a tech-savvy audience with accurate listings on online directories. Your key contact information needs to be correct, so when they make that call, they reach someone ready to help. Directory listings are your starting point for converting online searches to customers. Available with Standard, Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Internet Health Check-up

Secure the best ranking possible for your online presence. Direct traffic to your website with healthy Internet branding techniques. An Internet Health Check-up will evaluate 12 key factors that determine strength of your Web presence. The check-up examines onsite health (how a website is built) and offsite health (how the Internet reacts to a website). A Report of Findings will set you on the right path to better Internet health. Available with Standard, Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Logo and Banners

Create a memorable connection between your customers and your brand with full-color, stylish logos and banners. Easily recognizable images help to cement your relationship with existing customers. Classy logos and banners draw attention to your brand and make an instant impression with clients. You want that impression to be the best possible, projecting professionalism, competence, and responsiveness. Available with Standard, Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Blog Library

Use storytelling to your advantage. Blogs help to build a brand image and identify you as an authority in the legal profession. Blogging tells a story about what attorneys do, how they do it, and most importantly, why. Conversational content resonates with the audience and breaks down barriers between the attorneys and their clients. The use of keywords ensure that the blogs are searchable for your audience. Available with Standard, Advanced and Premiere services. View Services


Available biannually with Standard service, quarterly with Advanced services and monthly Premiere services. View Plans


Create an online tool that accomplishes your business goals. The path to a new or updated website doesn’t need to be scary, difficult, or time-consuming. Legal Premium Branding takes a multi-faceted approach to website building, designing websites around a comprehensive marketing plan. We’re your source for websites that are visually appealing and highly effective in converting visitors to customers. Standard, Advanced and Premiere services. View Services


Connect with your audience personally through storytelling. Blogging brings out your personality and describes your unique way of doing business. Blogs help you connect with your audience through original content specific to your law firm. Stand out as a trusted source of information as you build your brand reputation through blogging. Available with Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get noticed in a crowded and competitive online ranking system with Search Engine Optimization. You may have the greatest legal services, available at a great price, but without exposure, the phone never rings. Customers research products and services online before making their choices, and strong SEO will improve your visibility on the Internet. Jockeying for ranking without the advantage of SEO will put you way behind the competition. Partner with an expert who is well-versed in ever-changing SEO strategies. Available with Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Press Release

Blow your horn and tell your story with a press release for traditional media outlets that can be shared digitally as well. Published at no cost, press releases provide the exposure of an advertisement without the high price tag. Press releases that are professionally written and formatted to industry standards get the attention of publishers and readers. They build brand awareness as they promote events, new product lines, company milestones, community outreach, and other ways in which your company excels. Available with Advanced and Premiere services. View Services

Social Media Marketing

Engage with your audience socially to increase customer loyalty. Every post is an opportunity to humanize your brand, enrich your relationship with your customers, and share your brand message. Effective social media marketing has the potential to convert visitors into customers and increase sales. Plus, it makes you more accessible to customers for two-way interaction. Available with Premiere services. View Services


Available with Premiere services. View Services