Online Scanner

Successful law firms grow by acquiring new clients every year. But how can you be sure you’re reaching the clients who are most likely to need your legal services?

By utilizing this free, online scanning tool, you can determine how easy it is for online searchers to find you. Simply take a few moments to enter your law firm’s name, address, and phone number into the scanner below.

In an instant, the scanner will show how your law firm appears on online directories, maps, and search engines like Google and Yelp. This free scanner shows how your law firm appears on over 50 of the top sites. Best of all, there’s no cost and no obligation. Simply enter your law firm’s contact information and hit Scan Now.

How does the scanner improve the success of your law firm? Above all, it allows you to see your law firm through another’s eyes. Additionally, it alerts you to misinformation or outdated information on the internet.  

Accurate, consistent information helps your website rank higher, resulting in more click-throughs to your web pages. The additional website traffic can lead to more conversions, as more clients call for appointments and walk through your door.

See how easily you’re found online. Test out the law firm scanner now.